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BallerHeadz NFT

One thing we have in common, except for being addicted to buying NFTs, is we are in love with the game of basketball. Basketball guided us through our childhood and this project is our way of giving back to the community.


Our goal is to create the biggest basketball-related discord server



We are a group of NFT creators from all across the World. One thing we have in common, except for being addicted to buying NFTs, is we are in love with the game of basketball. Basketball guided us through our childhood and this project is our way of giving back to the community.



All BallerHeadz are unique and programmatically generated from over 150 possible traits, including different props, headwear, clothing, accessories, wristwear, and more. The Ballers are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Purchasing a Baller costs 0.05Ξ or as low as 0.038Ξ with quantity discount.



Our goal is to create the biggest basketball NFT related discord server. Basketball discussions, trade rumors, showing off your 5s, even daily challenges with Ξ prizes. We have it all on there. Wide variety of channel where you can, celebrate wins, cry over your losses, comment how bad your GM is, or even talk $hit about the other teams.

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Awards & Contests


Dynamic duos

Collect a dynamic duo and show it off in our Discord #awards channel and get in front of the line for our Season 2 collection


Big 3

Collect 3 players with a matching trait and claim a FREE BallerHead


Dream Team

Show off your starting 5, Discord members will vote for the coolest squad, winner takes home the grand prize of 1Ξ

Discord award ceremony

Every 2 weeks our Discord Admins will pick the 3 most engaged hoopers and gift them a free BallerHead. This will take part in a live award-winning ceremony.


Stay with us all the way...


Ball In

- First 100 discord members get the early adopters role which will bring future benefits yet to be announced
- First 300 discord members will enter a giveaway for a chance to win a pair of customized NIKE ID shoes of their choice (3 winners)

- All contests start (Dynamic Duos, Big 3, My Starting 5)
- First 32 hoopers to submit “My starting 5” team will be granted a Team Owner role
- The playoffs begin! All Team Owners will be randomly placed into playoff brackets where audience will decide what teams will advance through rounds, Ballerheadz Playoffs champion will win a grand prize of 5 ETH

- Our community wallet gets open, the community wallet will be used for buybacks & ensuring longevity, holders will have full control of the community wallet
-3% of all secondary market sales go straight into our community wallet
- Filling it with 4eth

- We’ll donate 4ETH to NBA Africa
- 15 Lucky Hoopers get a custom 1/1 BallerHead in their wallet

- 3 Random Big 3 collectors get an all inclusive one week trip to San Francisco for the NBA season opening game where Lebron and his Lakers play against the Splash bros. The whole trip is paid including a **** hotel, game tickets, and a 1000$ check for some souvenirs.
- Donating 5ETH to NBA Cares foundation

- Another 4ETH straight to the community wallet
- Discord live Award Ceremony starts, giving back rewards for our most loyal and most active hoopers, League MVP will receive 1% of all Season 1 secondary market sales

- Donating over 500 Basketball shoes to lower league clubs in Africa and Eastern Europe where the team devs used to play at, as a way of giving back to the people that built the fundamentals for our basketball dreams, and also helping the kids that are in the situation we were in
- 10 eth to the community wallet
- Season 2 announcement!


All BallerHeadz are sold out. Stay with us for next drop!


Our process is designed to give you the best shot at success.



Point forward

Actually plays ball in the USA, Best basketball player you have never seen



Undersized power forward

Cant shoot to save his life


Last updated September 15, 2021


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